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Hop aboard the Millennial Falcon (yes, we meant Millennial), as we travel from Outer Space to take a 6-week tour of Planet Earth. We are certain that this will be the trip of a lifetime. As you begin your journey, you will learn of the many interesting things that happen on Planet Earth. Follow our Weekly Schedule below as we tour this wonderful new world. 

Launched on 6/29!




Dominican Republic

Puerto Rico

Colorful Buildings
Tropical Beach
Mexican Street Decoration
Puerto Vallarta at Night
Palm Trees

About Florida Virtual Club

As a Boys & Girls Clubs family, we really miss seeing all of our members at the Clubhouse, but this doesn't mean we can't see each other. The Boys & Girls Clubs in the State of Florida decided we needed to bring the Club to you! Not only will you have the opportunity to see some of your favorite staff from your Home Club, but you will get to meet staff from all over the state. The even more exciting part about the Florida Virtual Club, you get to meet other Club members from all over the state. We look forward to seeing you in Cyber [Space]!


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