What is Brazil’s most popular sport? Soccer 

Fun fact: The most popular game in Brazil is Soccer! The Portuguese word for soccer is "futebol," which sounds a lot like "football! Kids will play it in organized leagues and just as groups of kids in the schoolyard or neighborhood. You can play it with a whole team or as few as two kids, one on each "team." Most kids have a favorite professional team and players! One of the best players in Brazil is RICARDO IZECSON DOS SANTOS LEITE a.k.a. Kaka. 

2016 Brazil Soccer team Highlights

Now It's Your Turn

4-Way Soccer

Activity: 4- Way Soccer 


Equipment needed: 

@ Club:   soccer Balls and cones 

@ Home:  soccer ball and target 


Each person will try to score on the other team’s goal. First team to score four goals wins!  

CHALLENGE: How many goals can you score in a minute? Can you do a trick? 

Pick Pocket

Activity: Pick Pocket 


Equipment Needed: 

@ Club & home: Soccer Balls 

Each person has a soccer ball. On go you will try to dribble to the other end of the field without getting your ball taken. If your ball is stole, you are out. 

CHALLENGE: How many goals can you score in a minute? Can you do a trick? 

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