The Nile Mile

At close to 4,100 miles in length, the Nile River holds the title of the “Longest River in the World”.  For today’s activity you are going to time yourself while walking one mile. Once you have collected your time you are going to multiply it by 4100. Us the table below to see how long it would take you to walk from one end of the Nile River to the other.  

Mile Time in minutes: _______________________ minutes 


________________ (your mile minutes) x 4100 = ___________________ minutes 



If you would like to see how many days your 4100 miles would take follow the sample below:  


___________________ (4100 mile minutes) divided by 60 __________________ 


Now that we have converted your minutes into hours lets convert your hours into day follow the sample below: 


____________________ (Hours) divided by 24 = ____________________Days 



Mrs. Niki’s Mile Time: 17 minutes

Step 1:   17 x 4100 = 69,700

Step 2:    69,700 divided by 60 = 1,162 (rounding up)

Step 3:    1,162 divided by 24 = 48

It would take Mrs. Niki about 48 hours to walk the Nile River if I walked all day and night without breaks! That is a LONG walk.


Feel free to share your times with the group!

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