Influential Pharaohs & Rulers:


  • Menes

  • Hatshepsut

  • Thutmose III

  • Tutankhamen

  • Akhenaten

  • Rameses II


1. Choose a Pharaoh or Ruler from the above list.

2. Write all the things you already know about this Pharaoh in the K section of the KWL form.

3. Write all the things you want to learn about this Pharaoh in the W section for the KWL form.

4. Use the following links to research your Pharaoh or use your own web search.

(Please follow all safety guidelines when using the internet)

5. Fill in the L section of your KWL form with all the information you have learned.

**Please feel free to create a poster or report to share your information with the group**

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